Oursurplus FAQs

  1. How does Oursurplus work? Give me an example
  2. Ok - so lets say there is a large Corporate, call it 'Target', and its unfairly charging for its product/service OR its poorly treating its workers/customer OR its unfairly avoiding taxes OR it should compensate for a privacy/data-breach. And lets say people like you think this should Change. So what can you do? Well you alone can't do much but if lots of like-minded people like you joined together, we believe you can compel Target to Change
  1. But how do I get paid?
  2. Two ways... Directly, if Target yields to the pressure of your Change and announces a compensation, you will get paid. Indirectly, if Target might change its behaviour and therefore will become a better corporate citizen and increase your economic surplus.
  1. Why is there a fee for creating and joining a Change? Why is the fee higher for creating a Change?
  2. You can follow a Change for free. We believe by charging a nominal fee for joining we are ensuring that individuals actually commit to the Change. The higher fee for creating a Change reflects the bigger commitment and responsibility the author of that Change has. A Change creator will typically be entitled to a slightly greater portion of any compensation (monetary or in-kind) that materializes on success.
  1. When is the fee charged?
  2. The fee will be only charged when, 1) a Change is successful and 2) those who joined the Change on Oursurplus are entitled to some compensation (directly or indirectly) in excess of the fee charged.
  1. When is the fee refunded?
  2. The fee will always be refunded if a Change fails or the available compensation is less than the fee charged.
  1. Will I get a refund if the Change is not successful?
  2. Yes. The fee will always be refunded if a Change fails or the available compensation is not enough for Oursurplus users.
  1. Is there an expiry date for Changes?
  2. All changes will generally be closed with a determination whether they succeeded or failed after 6 months of being created.
  1. What determines a Change is successful or failed?
  2. Its simple. A successful Change is one where the individuals who Joined are offered compensation in excess of fee charged.
  1. Do you have a simple video to explain this all?
  2. Yes we do, watch the video below or go to www.oursurplus.com/changes to see the current Changes.