They made a HUGE profit but paid NIL Tax?

We can CHANGE that and you can get PAID

"Take my life and give it to him," he pleaded. His 7-year old son was breathing for now but by end of day would be marked with 'kidney failure' as cause of death. As a bystander looking at the 6ft mining uniform clad powerless father, the 7-year old and the staff; and wondering the ever perennial question "Why", you would quickly connect the dots: understaffed, ill-equipped, under-funding, poverty, austerity, Money. Meanwhile at a distance of 7-hour flight, 1500 jet planes landed in a city that exists primarily for discussing world affairs but doing as little as possible about them.

The nature of inequality is not the focus here. Whats remarkable is that while the average tax rate for the 1500 jet owners was around 17%, the mourning father had paid a 30-37% tax rate almost all his life.

Recently there have been a plethora of news articles lamenting corporations, rich families and policy-makers, collectively the Tax-Avoid Group, to do more on taxation. Its like asking the robbers to do more about the locks. Its a terrible joke - we know.

Much like any other social cause, taxation will get decent amount of coverage but little action. Funnily enough ALL of the United Nation's Millennium Goals remain just failed goals.

Similarly the current push on taxation will fail too. Its just not in the interest of politicians, corporations or rich families to discuss, address and pay more tax. No one wants to part with their wealth if they can avoid it. We don't. You wouldn't. Its about incentives and we firmly believe "incentives drive behavior". So how or who will change incentives? We believes Oursurplus is the platform that you can use to create CHANGE.

Every normal-tax-payer not in the Tax-Avoid Group is also a consumer. A consumer of products and services sold by vast majority of the members of the Tax-Avoid Group. So the Tax-Avoid Group is fully incentivized to see you consumers continue buying from them. Therefore consumers can adjust Tax-Avoid Group's incentives by redirecting their purchases to other corporates. Surely there are numerous alternatives to products/services sold by corporations such as these and these and these and these and these - ok we give up - just go to Oursurplus Changes page

Oursurplus believes that even if tax avoidance is technically legal under the code of some island state, it is morally wrong. An overwhelming number of normal-tax-payer / consumers agree with that view. Because this means some consumers will take lead for this effort it is important that they are rewarded and that is what Oursurplus ensures.