Terrible customer service?

We can CHANGE that and you can get PAID

The customer is most definitely not always right. Particularly when the service or product is being purchased online and lacks that personal touch. Purchase an airline ticket or book a care hire and there is a plethora of disclaimers/waivers you have to agree to. All in an effort to absolve the airline/rental entity of as many responsibilities the law allows. Disagree and you are refused service. Sign-up, pay and you realize you already agreed to let the airline off the hook even if they fail to fly you.

Not surprisingly companies with the worst track record in customer service fall in industries such as Airlines, Banks, Car Hire, Insurance, Mobile Network, Utilities. For examples click here and here and here and here - ok we give up - just google "worst customer service companies"

Contrast that with a customer's complaint at a restaurant or bar about a soup or a beer. It is swiftly dealt with. This is not reserved for top restaurants. Even fast food chains will take that medium-well burger and replace with the well-done you asked for. Why? Why no disclaimers/waivers at the time of ordering?

Very simply because at a restaurant, a bar, an Apple store, a cinema, the corporation is facing multiple customers at the same time. It risks disenfranchising other onlooking customers who may well take their business elsewhere if they see poor treatment of fellow clients. That tells you an important concept about consumer vs supplier power dynamics.

Oursurplus believes that if consumers join together and demand better service they will get it. Because this means some consumers will take lead for this effort it is important that they are rewarded and that is what Oursurplus ensures.